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Crystal Morrison

Chief Optimizations Officer bridging strategy, optimization, and a culture of continuous improvement to forward-thinking organizations


A great organization starts with great leadership, great employees, and efficient strategies. I help authentic companies develop the trilogy that creates success.


One of the greatest challenges facing all organizations is the tight labor market. You built your business on customer service and now you don't have enough staff to support your goals. In the past, Strategic Optimization has focused on doing more with less.


Now, Strategic Optimization is your tool to provide the best customer experience with the resources that you have, not what you used to have. It is also a tool to determine whether you actually have enough resources, and what the right number is to achieve your business goals NOW, instead of rehiring what you already had.


In my work with small businesses and non-profit organizations, I help create a culture of continuous improvement that helps you maximize your resources while increasing positive customer experiences.


I have read thousands of LinkedIn profiles, and realize there is no shortage of consultants, coaches, and strategic professionals. The key to finding the right one to work with is finding the right “fit.”


So, before we connect and talk about how I can help your business, let me start by telling you a bit about who I am without the business-hype...


I LOVE change! It sounds strange but it is a constant part of our lives. Finding new experiences to learn and grow is critical to my development and joy.


Travel is just one element of growth that I try to do as much of whenever I can. I've moved across the state of North Carolina from mountains to coast and back again. I have learned to appreciate the different communities, and the opportunities in each area. For example, in 2014, I completed my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.


Process Improvement was a focus throughout my career but figuring out how to work smarter and create a better customer experience is a passion that has grown through life. Change is good, embrace it!


Faith and community are a strong foundation for my life. I try daily to live a simple truth - love God, love myself, and love my neighbor. I feel that mutual respect is key for any relationship, personal and business.


Growing up, my father was an executive with Belk department store. I loved being in the store, and the variety of departments. I started working there at 15. I probably broke a lot of labor laws, but it was an important experience to ground me in the reality that customer service is the most important thing any business does! It may sound cliché but it's the key to a successful business.


My number one motivator is helping others, so let me help your organization serve your team and customers more efficiently and effectively.


That's a start... now let's connect!



VP, Portfolio Manager

VP, Sr. Project Manager

AVP, Ops. Manager II, Reg E Disputes

Operations Manager II


  • Responsible for managing 11 project managers and seven issue managers for a large retail bank.

  • Facilitated the restructure of the issue management team, determining best systems for capturing information and providing updates to C-Suite.

  • Collaborated with the project management team to create a more economical organizational structure after a merger, saving time and money on hiring.

  • Managed the program manager responsible for supporting the implementation of Low Cash Mode, removing internal barriers through diplomatic conversation and clear communication.   

  • Created the most streamlined customer experience when communicating CFBB (Federal Regulations) and reduce additional costs such as extra mailings, transactions, and online communication.

  • Implemented multiple banking wire capabilities within the mobile app, collaborating with fraud partners to get the project management team needed information.

  • Determined how to best achieve project deadlines working within regulatory requirements (analyzing hiring, systems, and internal communication).


Partner & Owner

H&H Shoe Warehouse

Day-to-day operations of 21,000 square foot shoe warehouse with eight employees.

  • Implementation of inventory management and accounting systems.

  • Buyer for handbags and accessories.

  • Assurance of operation of all technical systems.

  • Provision of outstanding customer service.


NC Justice & Community Dev Cr.


Governor's Office, State of NC

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